BeBop uses smart fabrics to create flexible pressure sensor solutions for OEMs. The key benefit of our technology vs traditional force sensors is that we allow manufacturers to measure pressure or force over complex geometries. Our sensors excel when measuring force, location, size, weight, shape, bend, motion and presence over a variety of curved, angled, and ergonomically challenging environments.

BeBop’s sensor technology is robust and proven with over two million sensors in daily commercial use via Keith McMillen Instrument products. See https://www.keithmcmillen.com/ for examples.

Based in Berkeley, California, BeBop Sensors is solely focused on helping companies “make things knowable” within their products.

Evolved From Musical Instruments

After six years of developing smart fabric sensors for his musical instrument company, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI), BeBop Founder Keith McMillen decided to fulfill requests from OEMs.  At KMI, McMillen diligently tuned fabrics, geometries, and production processes to ship over 2 million sensors to some of the most demanding musicians in the world.

BeBop provides custom turnkey sensor solutions for OEMs to incorporate into their products. Solutions can range from basic sensors to complete wireless solutions with advanced power management. Visualization programs for any geometry with an easily-modified SDK allow manufacturers to create custom applications by choosing from an array of 2D and 3D representations and color palettes.